Emission trading climate conference Copenhagen

The trading and auction system is only suitable to optimize our not suitable energy system a little bit, but not for a durable new system.

  Trading system for the right of making dirt

The trading system is not capable to give the dirt a reasonable price leading to reasonable measures. With the prices in the CO2 trade system, it's possible to replace an old carbon power plant with 35% efficiency with a new one with 50% efficiency, but not the necessary total change of our energy system.

For the broad majority of the population seems the system like something only requiring money. What requires money is something to fight against. So what does the citizen? He takes enthusiastic rumors distributed by the stuck in the mud fossiles about the "climate swindle".

  More purchasing power - more workplaces - boom

Much different is the PEGE proposal changes in the tax system. A redistibution from taxes on human work to taxes towards CO2-emissions and area usage. Yes, right, the usage of ground hat to be taxed because otherwise solar electric power and wind energy become a license to print money. Area has to be taxed, because otherwise, they will destroy the jungle and make there the inefficient energy plants.

Extrem longtime ground usage has to be taxed, in order to give atomic power waste and CCS Carbon Capture and Storage a nice price shield.

  Etap target 100.-EUR and 250.-EUR per ton CO2

But because of the decreasing social security payments at employers and employees chears 95% of the population about it.

Carbon dioxide CO2 tax
Extent and possbile tax rates, tax revenues and.expected end of the CO2 tax.

  Climate conference Copenhagen sensless?

The planned economy method emssion trading is not suitable to solve the problems of the world far beyond the climate change.

Electric scooter by emission trading Electric scooter by emission trading
In development countries is the scooter often the single vehicle of the family. 10,000 km per year are usual. The emission trading is for this to bureaucratic.

Electric car by emission trading Electric car by emission trading
Special in sunny contries is photovoltaic cheaper than diesel or gasoline. Only the high price of electric cars is a problem.

Coal power plant in emission trade Coal power plant in emission trade
The emission trade promotes coal power plants. Economic calculation when a very old lignite power plant with 1200g CO2/kWh is replaced by a high efficient with 900g CO2/kWh

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