PEP - the thinker 1 million km beyond the earth orbit

In the daily political argle-bargle, it's not possible to create big plans, long time strategies. For this task is PEP - Planetary Engineering Party.

  A stable base for the next 4 billion years

The current system of politics and economy is the worst enemy, humanity faced. It's a school of thinking preaching complete irresponsibility against the future generations. Making irresponsibility even to the highest Doctrine. It has the potential to kill more humans than all the wars in the last 100 years You fight against enemies. You fight against invaders in a matter of life and death. But this death enemy told us to be a friend and made us all aides.

  Stuck in the mud fossiles - Death enemies of mankind

The propaganda of the stuck in the mud fossiles is omnipresent. "This is not rentable" is the battle cry, but the so called "rentability calculations" are heavy manipulated. This manipulation is so deep settled in, that even criticans of the system did not realize it for decades. So it's possible to have at a thermical house renovation every amortisation time between 1 year and never, it's only necessary to change the tax system for the desired result.

The laters costs, the immense expense for the climate renovation, are systematic ignored.

  Thinking school for a durable civilization

With the mathematical area game theory, it's possible to find out, that humanity has a task. The preservation of manifold life on planet Earth for the next 4 billion years - as long as our sun will continue to shine like today.

  PEP - Planetary Engineering Party

Not a new party but a non-party school of thinking for politicians and parties. We wellcome all having concerns about the forward compatibility of the current system.

Searching reconsider
There are to few people outside the stuck in the mud fossil system, even to think it could be possible to built on this few a new system.

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