D-Day in a historical comparison

D-Day - Invasion in the Normandy June 6th 1944, the begining of the end of the sutck in the mud rassists vs rest of the world. The suck in the mud fossils will have sone their D-day.

  Stuck in the mud rassists Stuck in the mud fossiles
Target The self-appointed super races rule the world, the rest had simple unluck. Eternal economic growth for industrial nations with cheap fossil energy, the rest had simple unluck.
First heavy thowback January 31th 1943 July 11th 2008
Capitulation of the 6th army at Stalingrad Oil price $147,50 per barrel
first fossil recession
The begining of the end Juni 6th 1944 About 2011 to 2012
D-Day - Invasion of American and British troops in the Normandy. Heavy oil crisis with prices beyond $200. Invasion of Chinese electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Breakdown of several fossil car companies.
Propaganda bis zum Ende The final victory is close
The front line has been straighten
New miracle wappons in development
A defeat is worse than the total war.
Crude oil and natural gas will last a very long time
The change to renewable energy will take realistic 100 years.
The ICE internal combustion engine has still much potential
We would fall back in the stone age without fossil energy.

Is the 2. world war comparable with the use of fossil energy? The corollary costs of the climate disaster, the prognoses about fatalities, the total regardlessness towards the right to live of the future generations.
Politics - political targets of PEGE Politics - political targets of PEGE
Nonpolitical, pragmatic, on the other side of ideologies counts in our politic only one target: A long time lasting civilization able to develop further on a stable base.

Philosophy Philosophy
Long-term planning and stability have to be the guiding rules of politics. A philosophy based on the mathematic branch of games theory.

Living standard
What is living standard? How is living standard correctly measured? Is it possible, that our living standard declines drastic, while uncorrect numbers want to make us belive it's like paradise?

Taxes tax politics
The consequences of the tax politic for humans and environment. The politicians claim to fight for humans and the environment, but the tax politics shows the exact opposit.

Energy politic
Decades of wrong energy politic. Instead of more living standard with less energy usage, partial the contrary was reached. A result of the wrong tax politic.

  2009 Low oil price creates illusions

Many in politics and economy have because of the lowered oil price the dangerous illusion to continue like until now. Valuable time for the oil exit is lost.

Danger low oil price
January 24th 2009: Claudia Kemfert, leader of the department for energy at the DIW German institut for economic resarch reveals the dangers of a low oil price.

Next oil crisis
Forecast on the next oil crisis where politics and economy in unique incomprehensible decisions go full throttle straight against the wall.

USA: weak government destroies car industry
The USA could be today leading in the production of modern cars. The laws had been, but a weak government caused the disaster.

IEA prognosis wrong, pressure from the USA
This message from November 10th is the big hammer. Look at the news with all the unimportant garbage, showing You, that You are good informed.

US President Obama: car limits: to little to late
I drove 1993 to 1996 a Renault Espace Minivan from 1989. This minivan built 20 years ago fulfilled the consumption limits in the US from 2016.

Gorbatschow calls the West for a Perestroika
Gorbatschow took the government after the complete unable for reforms Brezhnev. He knows best, when only a total reform can help.

G8 summit climate protection -50 is 100% not enough
50% less yearly production of green house gases until 2005 is ridiculously. It is the question will be -150% less enough, but -150% is the absolut minimum.

          D-Day in a historical comparison: D-Day - Invasion in the Normandy June 6th 1944, the begining of the end of the sutck in the mud rassists vs rest of the world. The suck in the mud fossils will have sone their D-day. https://politics.pege.org/2009/d-day.htm

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