First fossil recession

World economy is in the first fossil recession. Peak-oil raised the oil price and destabilised the economy. Recession, breakdown of oil demand and price.

It's possible to think about many different reasons for the recession. Maybe all the bubbles bursted. They know in the economy about the bubbles, only not about the exact time when they burst. Peak-oil bursted all the bubbles.

  April 2008: Dramatic interview with Fatih Birol from the IEA

Turnaround of the IEA. They want no more demand oriented prognosis without looking on the production capacity. It's expected, that existing oil wells will have a reduction of production.

  WEO: 6 times Saudi Arabia until 2030

In the WEO 2008 of the IEA, it's expressed like this: To continue with crude oil like until now, it's necessary to develop 6 times the capacity of Saudi Arabia new.

Okay, go to the bank with the wonderful prepared geological study about a new discovered oil well, where the cost of the oil production is estimated to $85 to $105 per barrel.

The banker will shake his head, You will argument, that even the IEA prognosis oil prices beyond $200. The banker will tell You, that such oil price peaks are only for a few month until the next recession or depression and influences not the long time rentability calculation for the new oil well.

  Until 2018: Replace 40 million Barrel per day by solar electric power

Fossil recession means the economy strangled by less production of fossil energy. The only escape is a huge change to renewable energy.

  New year's 2009 speech of PEGE

The world experienced 2008 the first fossil recession. New year's speech of PEGE for a way to a stable economy and freedom from the dangerouse fossil energy.

In the change of time
PEGE was founded 1991 for strategies against a climate disaster in some decades. Today, it's for handling the first fossil recession.

Back stop for the price of oil products
The oil exit is irritated by the breakdown of the oil price. Out of this reason, taxes on oil have to be risen. Other taxes can be lowered as counterbalance.

After the bulb: the 45km/h gasoline scooter
Energy saving lamps are several times more efficient than the bulb. The same applies in the 45km/h class for the energy efficiency of electric scooters against gasoline scooters.

Infrastructure for electric mobility
Electric outlets are everywhere, only not where to recharge an electric vehicle. Recharge at home, at the work place, in the shopping center enables electric mobility.

Solar duty as crude oil replacement
Solar duty for new buildings. In 10 years should the solar electric power from the roof of new buildings deliver as much electric power as the changed to electricity street traffic needs.

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