G8 summit climate protection -50 is 100% not enough

50% less yearly production of green house gases until 2005 is ridiculously. It is the question will be -150% less enough, but -150% is the absolut minimum.

  -150% GHG until 2050

-50% means each year more GHG in the atmosphere. Only the speed of the increase is halfed. That's like to drive full throttle towards a wall, suddenly the decision to accelerate only half throttle towards the wall. -100 percent is like full throttle and to let the car roll. The car will still roll with high speed towards the wall.

  Only values beyond -100% means to brake

It would be reasonable to brake, this means to reduce active the green house gases brought by humanity into the atmosphere. The ruling stuck in the mud fossiles even are not able to think about this. Stuck in the mud fossiles are complete indoctrinated that energy equals GHG. An active lowering of GHG requires large amounts of energy. Possible are:

  Before the booster rockets ignite

Imagine You drive full throttle towards a wall. To make the situation even worse, there are booster rockets mounted on the car. The fuse just starts burning. When they ignite, You will crash even faster into the wall.

The unfreezing permafrost grounds are this burning fuse at the booster rockets. The solution is built new photovoltaic factories as fast as possible. Resarch New lithium batteries with more money than spent in the Manhattan projckt.

  2009 Low oil price creates illusions

Many in politics and economy have because of the lowered oil price the dangerous illusion to continue like until now. Valuable time for the oil exit is lost.

Danger low oil price
January 24th 2009: Claudia Kemfert, leader of the department for energy at the DIW German institut for economic resarch reveals the dangers of a low oil price.

Next oil crisis
Forecast on the next oil crisis where politics and economy in unique incomprehensible decisions go full throttle straight against the wall.

USA: weak government destroies car industry
The USA could be today leading in the production of modern cars. The laws had been, but a weak government caused the disaster.

D-Day in a historical comparison
D-Day - Invasion in the Normandy June 6th 1944, the begining of the end of the sutck in the mud rassists vs rest of the world. The suck in the mud fossils will have sone their D-day.

IEA prognosis wrong, pressure from the USA
This message from November 10th is the big hammer. Look at the news with all the unimportant garbage, showing You, that You are good informed.

US President Obama: car limits: to little to late
I drove 1993 to 1996 a Renault Espace Minivan from 1989. This minivan built 20 years ago fulfilled the consumption limits in the US from 2016.

Gorbatschow calls the West for a Perestroika
Gorbatschow took the government after the complete unable for reforms Brezhnev. He knows best, when only a total reform can help.

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