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In Helsinki, Trump does exactly what he was elected for: peace and cooperation with Russia. What would the world look like today if Wallace had become president in 1948?

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US became a single weapons factory. 37% of total economic output was invested in the victory against imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. After World War II, this gigantic oversized military industrial complex would have had to be rebuilt. That would have been a logical policy that the Democratic presidential candidate Henry A. Wallace represented: peace and cooperation with the USSR.

That did not appeal to the gigantic oversized US military complex. That's why he was defamed and sawed off as a communist. He then founded a new party and lost hopelessly.

  Fight against real problems instead of the ghosts of the past

Today, the US has very different problems that could easily be solved with US $ 600 a year. Build a modern industry. Tesla Motors invested only US $ 5 billion in the Gigafactory in Nevada. What can you build with $ 600 billion a year in modern industry?

Unfortunately, this is not the agenda of Trump, not even Elon Musk could explain the possibilities of a new industry to Trump. But at least one thing brings Trump: peace with Russia. He was chosen for that.

  Obama and Trump won for the same reason

The citizens of the US are tired of the many wars. Obama won in 2008 because John McCain was perceived as a warmonger. Donald Trump won in 2016 for exactly the same reason: because Killary Klinton was perceived as a warmonger.

Therefore, do not listen to the miserable rush of the military industrial complex against Trump. These eternally yesterday believe they can solve all problems with armed force, have never learned anything other than armed force, never considered anything but armed force.

The US can no longer afford this madness. A first step to change this is Trump with his peace with Russia.

  2018 politics

Smile, because it could get worse, he smiled and it really got worse.

Treachery of Senator Dirk Durbin
Dick Durbin feels great about announcing incidents in an internal meeting, but it was a betrayal of the US.

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