Treachery of Senator Dirk Durbin

Dick Durbin feels great about announcing incidents in an internal meeting, but it was a betrayal of the US.

Has this senator taken an oath of office? Was it in this oath of office "For the benefit of the United States of America" or "For the benefit of the Democratic Party"? Internal meetings are internal meetings.

  Dismissal and charge for damage

Anyone who brings details to the press after an internal managerial meeting of a company can be dismissed without notice. In addition, claims for damages can still be made. In all the African "Shithole" countries, the US is in direct competition with China. The betrayal of Senator Dirk Durbin can lead to the US loss of influence to the loss of many billions of dollars.

To the extent that this senator is celebrated for it, it shows how degenerate the US political system is. It is not the US that counts, but the fight against the political opponent, no matter what the cost and if it is the prestige of the USA throughout Africa.

  2018 politics

Smile, because it could get worse, he smiled and it really got worse.

Trump Putin
In Helsinki, Trump does exactly what he was elected for: peace and cooperation with Russia. What would the world look like today if Wallace had become president in 1948?

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