US Fracking Industry and the Poison Attack on Nawalny

As the statistics of about the US oil production shows: The US fracking industry is in collapse. New sales markets are needed.

  Supply and demand determine the price

If the US citizens would all still drive the 8-cylinder gasoline guzzlers of the 60's, the US fracking industry would be in great shape. The higher demand would cause for an oil price around US$ 90 per barrel. The fracking industry could pay shareholders the fat dividends that were constantly promised in the glossy brochures of the various IPOs.

But to the horror of the U.S. oil industry, a lot of U.S. citizens have taken a liking to fuel-efficient cars. 4 Toyota Prius need as much as an 8-cylinder street cruiser from the 60s. Then there is the horror Tesla, some owners charge it up with homemade solar power. Even a monstrous pickup truck with diesel engine needs only half as much as an 8-cylinder street cruiser from the 60s.

After all, oil and natural gas are not separate industries, both come from the same well. The fracking industry needs viable revenues from oil and gas sales.

  New sales markets are needed

The EU would be a great new sales market, but Russia can supply cheaper via pipelines than the USA with the very expensive liquefaction and transport by ship. The competition must be eliminated! The completion of the new Nordstream 2 pipeline must be prevented!

  Is Putin really that stupid to shoot himself in the knee?


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