Photovoltaic EEG tarifs Germany

The German government parties have agreed to a new energy entry law (EEG). For photovoltaic on buildings 2009 and 2010 8% less, 9% less starting 2011.

Jahr   Cent per kWh for 20 years starting with the year of buildup on buildings
  49,21 EEG = Energy Entry Law for photovoltaic on buildings
  20,36 EV
  46,75 EEG
  21,38 EV
  43,01 EEG 8% yearly degression
  22,45 EV
  39,57 EEG
  23,57 EV
  36,01 EEG 9% yearly degression
  24,75 EV
  32,77 EEG
  25,99 EV
  29,82 EEG
  27.28 EV
  27,13 EEG
  28,65 EV
  24,69 EEG
  30,08 EV
  22,47 EEG
  31,59 EV
  20,45 EEG
  33,16 EV
  18,61 EEG
  34,82 EV
  16,93 EEG
  36,56 EV
  15,41 EEG
  38,39 EV = Electric power end user price with 5% yearly increase

With this, the tariff to deliver photovoltaic electric power would be 2014 first time below the average end user price, calculated with 5% increase of end user price per year.
Photovoltaic politics and furtherance
Further now, in order that when electric power from fossil energy costs 30 Cent per kWh, solr electric power costs only 25 Cent per kWh

Energy politic
Decades of wrong energy politic. Instead of more living standard with less energy usage, partial the contrary was reached. A result of the wrong tax politic.

  Comments about politics in Germany 2008

In total misevaluation of the situation is nothing performed to maintain the economy. Instead of this, sales promotion for the German car industry.

Sepp Daxenberger Sepp Daxenberger
Green party conference June 2008 in Augsburg. In front of the congress hall is an electric scooter tested. Video (4,5 MB) from the first impressions of the Bavarian green party leader.

Hans Josef Fell Hans Josef Fell
The long standing Twike driver Fell informs himself about the new generation of electric scooters. From 60 km range with lead acid batteries to 150 km with lithium batteries.

Conjuncture program for Germany
Economy should grow, but in what direction? The consume should increase, but from what? Proposal from PEGE for a targeted conjuncture program for more living standard.

Car tax increase in Germany
1.25 EUR/100ccm more tax for older cars is rumored for January 1st 2009. But what should the German car driver do? There are no sure for the future cars on the market.

Mission electric scooter Mission electric scooter
When an electric scooter dealer drives 220 km from Piding to the green party conference in Augsburg, this can not be seen as a sales action, but as a mission.

Memory help for Angela Merkel Memory help for Angela Merkel
You have long time forgotten this September 13th. 2007. Otherwise, it's not to explain, how You whimpered with the other leaders of the G8 for more oil production.

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