Car tax increase in Germany

1.25 EUR/100ccm more tax for older cars is rumored for January 1st 2009. But what should the German car driver do? There are no sure for the future cars on the market.

  German car industry should better do homework

Since years, the German car lobby counts on the government as an effective instrument of sales promotion. Drivers of old cars are forced by taxes to scrap them and to buy a new car. Allegedly for the environment, but where is the deciding difference?

  Rattle stink scooters are allowed, EURO 1 cars have to remain outside

Even very old EURO 1 cars have better exhaust gas values then a 2 stroke rattle stink scooter. which can drive in so called "environment zones". My old Renaul Espace used as much Diesel as my new Seat Alhambra. The engine technic was 1989 not so good, but a minvan had at that time 500 kg less weight.

  Save energy for the production

For the production of a new car can be estimatedt weight in kg times 1,5 is litre oil used to produce. When there would be plug-in-hybrid cars, the calculation would be okay. The energy expenses for the production offset by 5 litre oil on 100 km - higher energy efficiency and electric power from renewable energy - break even after 30,000 to 50,000 kms.

But what at a so called "new car" with fossil propulsion, saving only 0,5 litre/100km? Until the energy by the production is offset by saving fuel, the car is long before in the scrap squeezer.

  More car taxes for old cars: not for the environment - for the car lobby

  Comments about politics in Germany 2008

In total misevaluation of the situation is nothing performed to maintain the economy. Instead of this, sales promotion for the German car industry.

Photovoltaic EEG tarifs Germany Photovoltaic EEG tarifs Germany
The German government parties have agreed to a new energy entry law (EEG). For photovoltaic on buildings 2009 and 2010 8% less, 9% less starting 2011.

Sepp Daxenberger Sepp Daxenberger
Green party conference June 2008 in Augsburg. In front of the congress hall is an electric scooter tested. Video (4,5 MB) from the first impressions of the Bavarian green party leader.

Hans Josef Fell Hans Josef Fell
The long standing Twike driver Fell informs himself about the new generation of electric scooters. From 60 km range with lead acid batteries to 150 km with lithium batteries.

Conjuncture program for Germany
Economy should grow, but in what direction? The consume should increase, but from what? Proposal from PEGE for a targeted conjuncture program for more living standard.

Mission electric scooter Mission electric scooter
When an electric scooter dealer drives 220 km from Piding to the green party conference in Augsburg, this can not be seen as a sales action, but as a mission.

Memory help for Angela Merkel Memory help for Angela Merkel
You have long time forgotten this September 13th. 2007. Otherwise, it's not to explain, how You whimpered with the other leaders of the G8 for more oil production.

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