Searching reconsider

There are to few people outside the stuck in the mud fossil system, even to think it could be possible to built on this few a new system.

  The exit for the sole is very difficult

Who is really outside the fossil system? Also I was just driving my fossil Seat Alhambra to the Hannover industry fair. Also I live in a fossil appartment to rent. I wont to break out from the fossil system since 1991. I achieved not more than my photovoltaik to work outdoor with my notebook and my electric scooter.

The so called sogenannte "social insurance" extorted from me unblievable amounts of money. This made the built up of my old age benefit impossible. What expects me as a pension in 15 years will not cover the operation expenses of a fossil apartment. With my planned plus energy house would by my old age benefit secured. wäre meine Altersversorgung hingegen gesichert.

  Old parties, new school of thinking

It's much to late for a new party. It's only about the people in the established parties having more and more sorrows about how ready for the future is the system They should not change the party, only the school of thinking. Regretfully, this politicians in sorrow can in the moment do nothing against the propaganda drum of the stuck in the mud fossiles.

  The change after the next oil crisis

The next oil crisis will be harder, the resulting economy crisis will be harder. This will bring the change, I hope to have spoken to enough reconsiderers.

  PEP - Planetary Engineering Party

Not a new party but a non-party school of thinking for politicians and parties. We wellcome all having concerns about the forward compatibility of the current system.

PEP - the thinker 1 million km beyond the earth orbit
In the daily political argle-bargle, it's not possible to create big plans, long time strategies. For this task is PEP - Planetary Engineering Party.

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