Greens want a radical energy change until 2020

The message would be full in the sense of PEGE, if there would not be the nonsens claim to decrease the electric power usage. A personal prognosis of electric power usage.

  Example household for saving electric power

My 5 persons household with 2 computer working places used 2006 1949 kWh electric power. It's a rented apartment. Heating and domestic warm water with gas, cooking with electric power. With this usage, it's an example for low electricity usage.

But 2007 will by electric power demand increase by 15% and I am even pride about it. With 300 kWh electric power, I will drive about 6000 km electric scooter. 300 kWh more electricity, but 500 litre less Diesel, because most short distances with high consumption are replaced.

  More electric power in the new house

I hope to built next year a Plus energy house for my family. Heating and domestic warm water by heat pump, controlled air exchange with heat recovery. This will use 2000 kWh electricity, but save 16000 kWh natural gas.

  Mehr electric power for the new car

Both cars of the family will be changed to Plug-in-Hybrid cars. I calculate for me 15.000 km in electric only mode in a plug in hybrid minivan with 20 kWh/100km, makes 3000 kWh, but 900 litre less Diesel. At the small car of my wife 7500 km a year with 12 kWh/100 km. Makes 900 kWh, but 500 litre less gasoline.

  Energy saving bilance

16.000 kWh less natural gas, 900 litre less Diesel, 500 litre less gasoline is my energy saving potential compared to 2006. But my electric power usage will increase from 1649 kWh to 7849 kWh. So I think any demand for less electricity usage is humbug. My future house should produce by photovoltaic 10.000 kWh per year.

  Austria politics forum 2007

Forum and oppinions about the political work of PEGE and the Austrian politics.

Solar electric power for mobility Solar electric power for mobility
Even when an electric scooter is better for the environment with electric power from lignite compared to a 2 stroke engine scooter, the effect is largest with solar electricity .

Greens for electric scooters Greens for electric scooters
At the press conference of Salzburg's green party April19th hat been 4 electric scooters. 2 E-Racer left in the photo and 2 E-Max S right, thereunder my long time test scooter.

Greens for individual traffic Greens for individual traffic
The green member of Salzburg's country parliament Heidi Reiter invites April 19th to a press conference and gives an interview on a scooter. A scooter? It's natural an electric scooter.

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