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Solar electric power for mobility Solar electric power for mobility
Even when an electric scooter is better for the environment with electric power from lignite compared to a 2 stroke engine scooter, the effect is largest with solar electricity .

Greens for electric scooters Greens for electric scooters
At the press conference of Salzburg's green party April19th hat been 4 electric scooters. 2 E-Racer left in the photo and 2 E-Max S right, thereunder my long time test scooter.

Greens want a radical energy change until 2020
The message would be full in the sense of PEGE, if there would not be the nonsens claim to decrease the electric power usage. A personal prognosis of electric power usage.

Greens for individual traffic Greens for individual traffic
The green member of Salzburg's country parliament Heidi Reiter invites April 19th to a press conference and gives an interview on a scooter. A scooter? It's natural an electric scooter.

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