Oil stock and the exit from oil

Why not a much faster exit from fossil energy? Why such lame measures at an gigantic burning economic problem?

  Oil crisis pre programmed

When the oil producing countries come to the limits of production capacity, the demand increases by the economic growth in east Asia, than as usual at the market economy, the price will explode. At last in the 1990 decade, Europe and the US should have started with a fast reduction of oil dependency, not because of the climate change, no, only to obtain the economy.

  • Increasing demand for oil by world wide more consume
  • Gradual declining production capacity Förderkapazität
When somebody is a politician in an oil dependent national economy, he has to do everything, that the point where the OPEC can at full on oil pipes do nothing against oil price records happens as late as possible.

A logical measurement, reduce oil demand as fast as possible. A reduced demand for oil from a huge national economy moves the point of an oil price explosion and lowers also the own dependency.

  Speed 1994 - the film - the similitude

A bus has usual 300 to 500 litre Diesel tank. This means about 1000km range. This knows also the bus driver in the movie speed. But he has a problem. A bomb exploding when the bus drives less than 50 mph. The driver knows, the end is unavoidable. How good he manages the mad race, the fuel tank will be empty, the engine stops and the bus explodes.

But this will happen only some hours later. Until this, he drives like mad. It's sensless to talk with the driver in the film speed during his hell trip about economic driving.

  Understand politicians

How can be speech and actions of politicians be so different? Simple explained by the similitude ''Speed'' in what dilemma are current politicians.

Speed the film - the similitude
I thought an action movie for adrenalin junkies. 10 years later, I have to recognice that this film is a similitude of our society.

Economic growth
How can be the fight for economic growth at all costs be explained? Have we lived so much worse before, do we live now su much better?

Stable economic system
We need a robust economy and tax system even stable at $150 oil price and -10 percent economic growth.

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