Economic growth

How can be the fight for economic growth at all costs be explained? Have we lived so much worse before, do we live now su much better?

  Instability of the system

The fight for economic growth at all costs is founded at fundamental system errors in our tax system. This system error is not visible beyond 5% economic growth, at 2% to 5%, it just works.

  0 to 2% economic growth is the critical zone

At an economic groteh between 0 and 2 percent starts the economic crisis. Comes a national economy with the worldwide distributed system failure in this range, are nearly no possibilites for an economic boom.

  Economic diasster at a small shrinkage

Did we live earlier so much worse. I had to spend 1978 so much for a color TV as today for a cheap notebook. My minivan needs less EUR for the fuel than my first VW bug 1978. No! We lived good, but the system error of our economic system leads to a break down by a small decline.

  Speed 1994 - the Film - the similitude

A similar situation is shown in the film speed. Instead of an economic system crashing at -1% economic growth, we have there a bomb in a bus exploding when the bus drives slower than 50 mph.

  • The driver drives reckless. He has to go 50 mph or the bus explodes.
  • Our politicians do all for economic grotwh at all costs, the faulty system would crash at -1% economic growth.

  Understand politicians

How can be speech and actions of politicians be so different? Simple explained by the similitude ''Speed'' in what dilemma are current politicians.

Speed the film - the similitude
I thought an action movie for adrenalin junkies. 10 years later, I have to recognice that this film is a similitude of our society.

Oil stock and the exit from oil
Why not a much faster exit from fossil energy? Why such lame measures at an gigantic burning economic problem?

Stable economic system
We need a robust economy and tax system even stable at $150 oil price and -10 percent economic growth.

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