Black Friday: US attack on Syria

Is it possible to make a professing climatic change denier reason? No, Donald Trump shows that irresponsible handling of facts is a standard for him.

36 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions from fossil energy per year should have no impact on the climate. All bitches are wiped off hemisphere, alternative facts raised to the truth. If you believe it is strong enough, new coal-fired power plants can produce electricity below US$ 0.0242 / kWh, which is the most favorable feed-in tariff for solar power in a sunny country.

My hope that Elon Musk could enlighten him was unfortunately failed. While China is getting even bigger with a determined road to renewable energy and electric mobility, the US can only fail at become great again with fossil concepts. But on the black Friday, April 7th, 2017 Trump did something much more dangerous because of his attitude "My opinion has formed, please do not confuse me with the facts": A sneaky attack on Syria with 59 missiles, the possibility of escalation to the 3rd world war .

  Air attack on a weapon factory of the "Rebels"

The Syrian Air Force attacked a weapons factory. What is the goal of such an attack? To lame the weapons factory. What kind of weapons do you use? Very normal explosive bombs. The aim is to destroy the production facilities. Production facilities are highly unimpressed by Sarin. They would get rid of the corpses, clean everything up, and a few days later new workers would resume production. On the other hand, explosive bombs can destroy production facilities.

Surprise! These so-called "moderate rebels" cut not only small boys the head off, but also produce internationally outlawed chemical weapons. Toxic gases were released from the chemical weapons damaged during the attack.

  The logical reaction of a real president

A hard condemnation of the so-called "rebels" about the production of chemical weapons. Rebels have also to comply with the prohibition of internationally outlawed chemical weapons. Regrettable words about the madness of predecessor Obama, how irresponsible it was to support such extremist groupings. The clear message:

We, the new US government, will no longer cooperate with criminals who produce chemical weapons.

What better opportunity would it be to dissociate oneself from the strange allies of the predecessor?

  The attack of an aggressive schoolyard bullies

Hey, my moderate rebels would never produce chemical weapons! These moderate rebels were carefully entrusted by my highly esteemed predecessors, President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama with the honorable task of bringing Western values to Syria. Claiming it is an incredible lie and provocation that these brave freedom fighters would produce internationally outlawed chemical weapons.

Therefore, there is only one logical conclusion: the aircraft from the Assad have dropped the chemical weapons. Therefore, there is only one logical answer: attack on Syria, for the time being with 59 rockets.

  Aggressive schoolyard Bully as US president threat to humanity

A school has all kinds of measures available to discipline a bully, which is all the way to the school reference. But in this case it is unfortunately the president of the country with the highest armaments expenditure and most nuclear weapons. A high-risk situation for humanity.

All the hopes of a new policy of peace and cooperation with Russia were destroyed with 59 missiles on Black Friday. Donald Trump is mutated in a few weeks to Hillary Clinton. Where is democracy in the US when the US citizens had only Hillary Clinton to vote for? The Original Hillary or the Hillary mutated Trump?

  2017 politics

Unfortunately, no problem solving skills are apparent to most politicians. On the contrary, the make problem worse skills are overwhelming

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