The 5th term of George W. Bush

Sometime in 2009, I wondered where is the difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush. On April 7, 2017: Where is the difference between George W. Bush and Donald Trump?

  Bolivian UN representative shows photo of Colin Powell

Colin Powell was Foreign Minister in the first term of George W. Bush. Why does his photo appear at a UN meeting on 7 April 2017? Because it is exactly the same policy with the same lies. Because George W. Bush has not changed his policy in his second, third, fourth, and fifth term of office. Oh, are there other presidents? There is a mysterious process, no matter how different a presidential candidate appears in the election campaign, after a few weeks, there is the transformation to George W. Bush.

Hillary Clinton looked like George W. Bush in the election campaign, so she was not elected. Donald Trump now looks like George W. Bush after a few weeks of office.

  2017 politics

Unfortunately, no problem solving skills are apparent to most politicians. On the contrary, the make problem worse skills are overwhelming

Black Friday: US attack on Syria
Is it possible to make a professing climatic change denier reason? No, Donald Trump shows that irresponsible handling of facts is a standard for him.

Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations
What does dictator rocket man worry about the total destruction of North Korea? Nothing, because if he were concerned about the population, he would have already resigned.

US military budget US$ 700 billion
What could begin with totally superfluous US$ 600 billion military expenditures reasonable? This shows what a crime against humanity this budget is.

STRATAGEM: a suppressive game
As unfortunately not to be expected otherwise, a game to completely ignore all of today's opportunities to advance a developing country. A training in wrong concepts.

Trust and government
A government system can only act efficiently and bring about great change if it enjoys the confidence of the population.

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