US military budget 2010

The US government under Barack Obama wants for 2011 a record military budget from US$ 708 Milliarden haben. 2007 wrote PEGE about an alternative military budget.

From 622 to 708 in 4 years are 3.3% more per year. There had been the hope, that the madness of military expenses would end with the presidency of Bush, it's now clear, every hope for rationality at the US military budget is in vain.

They learned nearly nothing from the crisis 2008. They would have to react with the determinedness from 1941 to the threat caused by the great dependance on oil. The US can be proud on the achievements of the industry 1941 to 1945. What they do today towards the threat of peak-oil and climate disaster is a miserable shame.

  The prophecy

In the election campaig for the president 2028, it will first time happen that one of the candidates will give this promise:

"Under my presidency will the USA reach the living standard of China"

I hope that the US will earlier escape from total oil dependency, but I hope like the parents of a heavy drug addicted the drug rehabilitation should have success. Here is hope one side, but reality the other side.

The hope that the sun will say: "I am now clean, I do not need this dirt anymore".

The knowledge, that he will end as a jobless junkie even not able for Drug-related crimes.

  2010 again full throttle towards the wall

August 3rd 2009, the dramatic oil prognosis of IEA, December the failed climate conference. World economy continues to drive full throttle towards the wall - peak oil.

Obama for atomic power
US$ 54 billion loan guarantees for atomic power plants. And how much for solar- and wind energy industry? Obama had been the big hope, now he becomes the symbol of fail.

I am not radical, I am Chinese
Again and again in the last decade, people told me, that my viewpoints are much to radical. I found today a new answer for this.

US before Hyperinflation? US before Hyperinflation?
How dangerouse is the game of US with the US$? The web site shows it in a drastic SF video.

USA future 2030 USA future 2030 - citizen against government waste shows in this video drastic how the proportion USA China will develop until 2030.

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