Obama for atomic power

US$ 54 billion loan guarantees for atomic power plants. And how much for solar- and wind energy industry? Obama had been the big hope, now he becomes the symbol of fail.

  Search differences to George W. Bush

Where is the difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush? Expect the skin color and some great statements what he would do, when the Republicans and great part of the democratic party would allow it?

  Atomic power industry instead of USA built up

Already at watching the US military budget, it was not possible to see a difference between Obama and George W. Bush. It is even worse at the atomic power politic. Bush did not promote atomic power plants.

  Similar like wappons of mass destruction in Irak

Why started George W. Bush a war of aggression against Irak? He firmly believed, that Irak has wappons of mass destruction.

Why wants Barack Obama new atomic power plants? He firmly believes, that there is no peak-uranium and it's possible to mine large amounts of uranium. Peak-oil is replaced by peak-uranium.

  Goodbye from a big hope

Obama started as a big hope to lead the US towards the future and ends as a symbol of fail for the US, for the fail of every endeavor to reform the US.

Politics - political targets of PEGE Politics - political targets of PEGE
Nonpolitical, pragmatic, on the other side of ideologies counts in our politic only one target: A long time lasting civilization able to develop further on a stable base.

Philosophy Philosophy
Long-term planning and stability have to be the guiding rules of politics. A philosophy based on the mathematic branch of games theory.

Living standard
What is living standard? How is living standard correctly measured? Is it possible, that our living standard declines drastic, while uncorrect numbers want to make us belive it's like paradise?

Taxes tax politics
The consequences of the tax politic for humans and environment. The politicians claim to fight for humans and the environment, but the tax politics shows the exact opposit.

Energy politic
Decades of wrong energy politic. Instead of more living standard with less energy usage, partial the contrary was reached. A result of the wrong tax politic.

  2010 again full throttle towards the wall

August 3rd 2009, the dramatic oil prognosis of IEA, December the failed climate conference. World economy continues to drive full throttle towards the wall - peak oil.

US military budget 2010
The US government under Barack Obama wants for 2011 a record military budget from US$ 708 Milliarden haben. 2007 wrote PEGE about an alternative military budget.

I am not radical, I am Chinese
Again and again in the last decade, people told me, that my viewpoints are much to radical. I found today a new answer for this.

US before Hyperinflation? US before Hyperinflation?
How dangerouse is the game of US with the US$? The web site Inflation.us shows it in a drastic SF video.

USA future 2030 USA future 2030
CAGW.org - citizen against government waste shows in this video drastic how the proportion USA China will develop until 2030.

          Obama for atomic power: US$ 54 billion loan guarantees for atomic power plants. And how much for solar- and wind energy industry? Obama had been the big hope, now he becomes the symbol of fail. https://politics.pege.org/2010/obama-for-atomic-power.htm

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