SED in the East - WEP in the west

Until the fall of the wall in Berlin, the SED (Socialist Unity Germany) ruled in the East. For the wall between the humans is the WEP (Economic growth unity party)

  What to elect beside WEP

Omnipresent are the slogans of the WEP: Economic growth is everything. We need more economic growth. For the people looking with open eyes through the country, the slogans are as foolishly as the talking from Erich Honecker. (last ruler in East Germany DDR)

  Prognosis 1980

Leading members of the SED knew already 1980, that the system will crash between 1990 and 2000. At this time, forces in the DDR had been concerned, how to do the unavoidable as peaceful as possible. The economic data showed: already 1980 communism is at the end.

  Cheapest energy for highest taxed humans

Only some decades after the end of the communism was obvious for the well informed, there is much turbulence in another economic system. The doctrine to create the paradise by cheapest energy from fossil and atomic sources for highest taxed humans, shows weakness like the socialist planned economy. Both systems have in common: The human is the center of attraction at taxes and forced expenses. The western WEP taxes the humans a little bit less than the eastern SED did, so the system needs some decades more to crash.

  The change: expensive energy for untaxed humans

Only a total tax reform brings the salvation and increasing living standard instead of economic growth with the declining living standard of war economy.

  Politics Forum 2004

Opinnion forum about the political work of PEGE about the enlarging disaster with the inadequacy of the current tax system.

15 years fall Berlin wall
15 years ago, there was a wall separating east and west Berlin. Now it's time to rupture other walls between human and human.

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