15 years fall Berlin wall

15 years ago, there was a wall separating east and west Berlin. Now it's time to rupture other walls between human and human.

  Walls between humans

There are invisible walls between humans. Walls causing that the birth rate becomes smaller and smaller. Walls that cause more and more unemployed. The walls by taxes and forced dues for social security.

  From the wall refugee to the social-cheater

Less and less, humans can climb about this walls to have a legal work. Wall refugees with the only wish to support their family with their own work, but are not able to effort the dues for forced social security and all the taxes. These wall refugees are called by the system social-cheater.

  The wall moves

Who thinks today to live in the golden West, can have soon a bad surprise. Can today be anybody sure to have the same job in one year? Can be anybody sure not to become unemployed? Can be anybody sure, that his company will be existing in one year? You can go asleep in the west of the wall and wake up in the east of the wall.

The east of the wall, the ghetto of all unable to sell their work with all the taxes. The east of the wall, the ghetto of social help receivers. The humans whose existence had been destroied by the regimen. A regimen built on the economic doctrine, that cheap fossil energy can create workplaces for highest taxed humans.

A regimen ignoring in his mania for economic growth, that low taxes on energy destroy the environment and high taxes on human work destroy humans.

  Politics Forum 2004

Opinnion forum about the political work of PEGE about the enlarging disaster with the inadequacy of the current tax system.

SED in the East - WEP in the west
Until the fall of the wall in Berlin, the SED (Socialist Unity Germany) ruled in the East. For the wall between the humans is the WEP (Economic growth unity party)

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