Let's try to assume rules in the game of life

The most complex game is the game of life. We are in the same situation like the observer of the chess game who don't know the rules.

We don't know the start of the game, we don't know the end of the game. We only know a small part of the game.

We also don't know our own value in the play. Are we as important as a Tower, a Queen or even as important as the King?
  • There is a play field called universe
  • There is an ongoing game to develop life
    • The development is from simple to more and more complex life.
    • Our own value is sure above a pawn, but we don't know how much below a king.
  • The player or the players are unknown,
    • Some philosophy assumes we are all players, but we have it forgotten.
    • Some religion belief in one big player.
    • It is for application of the game theory not necessary to know this.
  • There are big dangers for life on the surface of a planet.
    • Earth was hit at Yucatan by a 10km meteorite 65 million years ago. 70% of all living forms died at the impact with the force of Hiroshima atomic bombs.
    • The meteorite hit from Shoemaker-Levy 9 1993 on Jupiter had much more energy than all atomic weapons on planet Earth together.
    • A Super Nova explosion in less than 30 light years distance can make a lot of trouble.
    • The surface of a planet seems to be a secure place only for people with a very small time scope.
    • Enlarge Your time scope like 1 second is 1000 years and You will feel Yourself on the surface of a planet like on the target at a shooting competition. The nearly for all life on Earth deadly Yucatan hit is only 18 hours ago.

  1996 political philosophy as guiding principle

Politics has not to degenerate to the administration of redistribution fights. Politics has to be more. Politics has to design future visions where people can orientate.

Establish targets for humanity
To establish targets, first a task has to be found. At searching a task is the mathematical method of game theory very usefull.

Game theory: Let's start with a very simple game: Tic Tac Toe Game theory: Let's start with a very simple game: Tic Tac Toe
An area of mathematics science is called game theory. There are rules, options to act, win- and lose situations.

Game theory: reconstruct the rules by watching a chess game Game theory: reconstruct the rules by watching a chess game
Imagine You don't know chess and You watch an ongoing game. You watch move 5 to 40. You watch very carefully and You try to reconstruct all the rules of the game.

The meaning of life revealed
Game theory reveals: development of intelligent forms of life like humans is necessary to maintain all forms of life for a long time.

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