Climate change deniers

Climate change deniers are divided into three groups. Type 1 denies climate change itself, type 2 denies that not only does man have an influence. Type 3 is only a follower.

  Climate change denier Type 1: spared me with the nonsense

The type 1 denier is a victim of false information.

  • He has fallen into "more money for climate protection," therefore believes fossil energy is cheaper.
  • He has fallen into "save restrict renounce", therefore believes his living standard depends on fossil energy.
Type 1 is easy to heal, so it is a great opportunity when confessing type 1 climate change deniers like Donald Trump, Marie Le Pen or Petry Frauke gain influence.

It is completely superfluous and also counterproductive to insist that type 1 immediately admits the dangers of climate change. It is enough if he recognizes the economic and political advantages of "unleash investment avalanche - trigger economic boom".
  • Creating new export products, reduce import dependency on petroleum
  • Replace the oil with cheaper, better products, so that the money comes to us, the industrialized countries, instead of the oil-exporting countries
  • Anyone who has recognized political Islam as a threat must also fight its financing. The oil exit as a security

  Climate change denier type 2: the eco-fascist

The type 2 climate change denier claims that only the greenhouse gas emissions of mankind would have an impact on climate change.

  • He denies the possibilities of renewable energy
  • He denies the possibilities of recycling
  • He denies the danger potential of thawing permafrost soils
  • He denies the danger potential of methane hydrate that escapes
Type 2 climate change denier uses the climate change in a sneaky, human-contemptuous manner, in order to build a dictatorship to "save restrict and renounce". Type 2 reacts aggressively to genuine measures, as expressed in "Unleash investment avalanche - trigger economic boom

According to today's findings, the type 2 denier is not curable. It is therefore a great blessing when these drastically lose influence.

  Climate change denier type 3: the follower

He is really worried about climate change, but unfortunately he has been caught up with a type 2 denier, and has not yet thought about the fact that the pseudo-solutions of type 2 deniers brings all mankind in greatest danger.

The type 3 denier is a victim of false information.

  • He has fallen in "Renewable energy is very limited and expensive"
  • He has fallen in "Recycling is very limited"
  • He has fallen in "A sustainable economy can never exist"
Type 3 is easily cured. It is only necessary to make clear to him the dangers of thawing permafrost soils and the immense technical progress of mankind.


The Ecofascist Syndrome
The preservation of enemy images always has top priority over genuine and effective measures. Ecofascism unmasked.

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