Climate change deniers

Climate change deniers are divided into three groups. Type 1 denies climate change itself, type 2 denies that not only does man have an influence. Type 3 is only a follower.

  Climate change denier Type 1: spared me with the nonsense

The type 1 denier is a victim of false information.

  • He has fallen into "more money for climate protection," therefore believes fossil energy is cheaper.
  • He has fallen into "save restrict renounce", therefore believes his living standard depends on fossil energy.
Type 1 is easy to heal, so it is a great opportunity when confessing type 1 climate change deniers like Donald Trump, Marie Le Pen or Petry Frauke gain influence.

It is completely superfluous and also counterproductive to insist that type 1 immediately admits the dangers of climate change. It is enough if he recognizes the economic and political advantages of "unleash investment avalanche - trigger economic boom".
  • Creating new export products, reduce import dependency on petroleum
  • Replace the oil with cheaper, better products, so that the money comes to us, the industrialized countries, instead of the oil-exporting countries
  • Anyone who has recognized political Islam as a threat must also fight its financing. The oil exit as a security

  Climate change denier type 2: the eco-fascist

The type 2 climate change denier claims that only the greenhouse gas emissions of mankind would have an impact on climate change.

  • He denies the possibilities of renewable energy
  • He denies the possibilities of recycling
  • He denies the danger potential of thawing permafrost soils
  • He denies the danger potential of methane hydrate that escapes
Type 2 climate change denier uses the climate change in a sneaky, human-contemptuous manner, in order to build a dictatorship to "save restrict and renounce". Type 2 reacts aggressively to genuine measures, as expressed in "Unleash investment avalanche - trigger economic boom

According to today's findings, the type 2 denier is not curable. It is therefore a great blessing when these drastically lose influence.

  Climate change denier type 3: the follower

He is really worried about climate change, but unfortunately he has been caught up with a type 2 denier, and has not yet thought about the fact that the pseudo-solutions of type 2 deniers brings all mankind in greatest danger.

The type 3 denier is a victim of false information.

  • He has fallen in "Renewable energy is very limited and expensive"
  • He has fallen in "Recycling is very limited"
  • He has fallen in "A sustainable economy can never exist"
Type 3 is easily cured. It is only necessary to make clear to him the dangers of thawing permafrost soils and the immense technical progress of mankind.


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Accusation against economic science
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2012 how distant is the West-Block from the East-Block 1989?
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