Press release for the oil exit

Annoncement of the key note September 5th at the ''Global Economic Leaders Summit'' in release as PDF

  We need an international organization for the oil exit

The world economic crisis from 2008 reduced the oil price by US$115. But 2011, the oil price is very unimpressed by IEA brings 60 million barrel emergency reserves to the market, US loose AAA rating, stock market crisis, economic stagnation.

We will soon see rising oil prices even in a recession. This all had been announced by the IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol April 2008 in his dramatic interview äwe have to leave oil before the oi leaves us“.

But neither the IEA nor politics and economy gave since 2008 an answer ho to oil exit. The answer to this very important question gives Roland Mösl September 5th at the äGlobal Economic Leaders Summit“ in Changchun.

All oil consuming countries should invest 2% of their oil bill into an international organization for the oil exit. Highest target of this organization is to reduce oil consume by the technic of the oil replacing industriy.

With about US$ 60 billion investment per year should the oil replacing industry keep the raise of the oil price in a range not destructive for worl economy. 1 million barrel less offer than demand increase the oil price by US$20. This makes over 10 years US$ 6000 billion = 6 trillion more expenses for the oil consumers worldwide.

  • With 200 million electric scooters, the demand can be reduced by 1 million barrel
  • With 40 million electric cars, the demand can be reduced by 1 million barrel.
  • With 25 million one family houses changed from fuel oil to heat pump and better thermal insulation.
A huge industrial task. The investment will be profitable, because the increase of the oil price will be slowed down, because the investing oil consuming countries will have shares at the most important industry of the 21th century, the oil replacing industry, which will later also replace coal, naturla gas, uranium.

  We need an international organization for the oil exit

At the ''Global Economic Leaders Summit'' in Changchun, Roland Mösl gives. September 5th a key note about the necessity to invest in a fast oil exit.

Each oil consume causes demand pressure
Each million more demand than offer on the market raises the oil price by US$20. Javascript calculator what worldwide oil consumers have to pay more.

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