Each oil consume causes demand pressure

Each million more demand than offer on the market raises the oil price by US$20. Javascript calculator what worldwide oil consumers have to pay more.

Each demand on a market being in short supply will increase the price. After peak-oil is the oil market short in supply. Each single consument hat has for all comsumets drastic consequences.

Oil consumption per day litre
Increase of oil price per million barrel more demand US$
Oil consume world wide per day barrel
Yearly extra expenses world wide US$

  Opposit of photovoltaic market

Complete other rules has the photovoltaic market, an emerging industry. Here is the rule, each time the world market doubles, the prices will decrease by 20%. Each purchaser of a photovoltaic contributes, that following customers will pay less.

  Marginal cost

This are marginal costs. At 10 million barrel more offer than demand, the price will not reduce by US$200, the curve will become more flat. At 20 million less offer than demand, the price will not raise by US$400, the curve will become more flat.

  We need an international organization for the oil exit

At the ''Global Economic Leaders Summit'' in Changchun, Roland Mösl gives. September 5th a key note about the necessity to invest in a fast oil exit.

Press release for the oil exit
Annoncement of the key note September 5th at the ''Global Economic Leaders Summit'' in Changchun.press release as PDF

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