Wood gatherers in the forest

What is better? An unemployed person who heats his home with domestic fuel oil, or a wood gatherer who collects way more wood lying around in the woods than he needs? Two ideologies collide.

Already in 2005 rotting wood in the forest was a topic in the "Decay" series. But at the time an explanation could not be found. Only the psychopathological "achievement society" approach provides an explanation.

  The attitude of the achievement society to the wood gatherer

Are we a developing country? Are we in the post-war era? In the system we have created a wood gatherer cannot even work enough to make his contribution to the social insurance system. In this way, the achievement society has made sure that no one does such useless work.

The unemployed are worth much more for the achievement society. They serve as a bad example, can be accused of being social parasites, and can be used to apply pressure to workers to achieve more, "after all look at all those unemployed people out there gagging for you job!" Achieve more or we will make you an unemployed social sponger.

The unemployed also contribute more to economic growth. After all we have to take money away from other people to pay for his or her overpriced housing, food and heating. This forces the others to achieve more after we have taken away their money to finance the expensive life of the unemployed.

  The attitude of the stability society to the wood gatherer

Thanks to the restructured tax system and other measures, the wood gatherer can lead a modest life, and, above all, he has a stable situation, and is probably much happier than an unemployed person in an achievement society as he feels like a useful member of society.

Destructive Cult
Aberrations of mankind caused incredible destruction caused by wrong ideas. The total madness of Nazi racial doctrine, Pol Pot, the''economics''.

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