The methods of the achievement society

The perfidious methods for forcing people to achieve more and more. How all increases in productivity have been withheld from citizens in the last decades.

  The embezzlement of increased productivity

What happened to the results of the enormous increase in productivity of the last 50 years? It should have been enough to create paradise. But let us compare the situation of an ordinary worker in the years 1960 and 2010. Looking optimistically into the future in 1960, the fear of unemployment is rife in 2010, of redundancy, and life as a temporary worker or on benefits.

Where has all this increased productivity gone? How did the system manage to prevent all this progress from reaching the broad masses of the population in the form of a secure life without nagging worries about the future?

  Instability as the slaveholder's whip

Because the achievement society system always makes decisions that promote instability. To create unstable situations. Instability as a means of forcing people to achieve more.

Forcing more achievement by creating unstable situations

This simple sentence mirrors the entire horror of the achievement society, the whole disaster of how the increased productivity of the last 50 years has not led to a more stable, secure standard of living.

But with this method of forcing instability as a means of economic growth, the achievement society has condemned itself to ruin.
Destructive Cult
Aberrations of mankind caused incredible destruction caused by wrong ideas. The total madness of Nazi racial doctrine, Pol Pot, the''economics''.

  Achievement society

What are the effects of an achievement society? Where is it leading us? Can an achievement society solve our problems or is it the cause of these problems?

Philosophies and their impact
We know about the religious wars of the past, but we are not aware of the most significant holy war of the present day. Achievement society vs. stability.

The achievement society's ideal and its concept of the enemy
The GEMINI inhabitable solar power station, ideal for a stable, sustainable society, is the worst bogeyman of the achievement society.

The goal of the achievement society
What is the goal of the achievement society? More achievement. Whoever follows this entirely senselss aim will end up living in an entirely senseless society.

US oil imports
An outstanding example of how the achievement society favours solutions that lead to instability is the USA's dependency on oil imports.

Biofuel as an incredible hype
The achievement society needs instability as a slaveholder's whip. The debate about biofuel vs. electromobility is a classic example of this.

Wood gatherers in the forest
What is better? An unemployed person who heats his home with domestic fuel oil, or a wood gatherer who collects way more wood lying around in the woods than he needs? Two ideologies collide.

What does society expect from a manager? The different conceptions of the achievement society and of the stablity society of the manager.

CER climate certificates pollution rights
The damage created by the achievement society is supposed to be countered by an idea that has its origins in the neoliberal casino.

We have to export more at any price
The export trade is thousands of years old, but today, the majority of states are caught up in an export race. Everyone has to export more to pay their oil bills.

Symbol of the achievement society Symbol of the achievement society
More and more exports must be made so that increasingly expensive crude oil can be imported. No economy can survive that in the long run. This video symbolizes this.

Easy-earned money, hard-earned money
Every bit more income is harder to earn. The achievement society principle destroys humans with its demand to earn ever more, ever harder-earned money.

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