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FrumForum, the call themselves the balls of the US republican party, but here You find the truth about this claim. But first we start with my profil created June 8th 2010.

Username: founder Biographical Info: Since 1991 fighting for a change to renewable energy, electric mobility and a ressouce usage based tax system, giveing every single human more freedom and more idenpendence. I am linving in the socialist horror country Austria. You know, govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger left Austria far before socialsim became as horrible as today in Austria.

  Why is Austiai a socialist horror country

They made 1999 a new law for self employed people. At this time, like today, there had been a coalition government between "ÖVP" Austrian people party best comparable to the US democrats and "SPÖ" socialst party Austria. They are what they call themselves.

This socialst government forces all self employed people in a social insurance duty. You can not tell them "I have a better retirement plan", no this is impossible, they force You in the goverment retirement plan.

What happens in an eonomic crysis, when You are unable to pay for the social insurance retirement plan? They sent You the bailiff. They close Your company for being bankrupt. They degrade self employed people to social help needers. That's the great socialist plan of the 2 class society. At one side people rich enough to pay social insureance, on the other side people not allowed to work, they forbid them to work self employeed when they can not effort the forced social insurance, consuming all the money taken away from the richer people. In between the socialists applauding them selves for their great job to enslave society.

  As Arnold Schwarzenegger left Austria

Austria was by far not as socialism as today.

  Tea Party - the US Republican party is not Republican

Plea to all true republicans in the US. Clean up Your great old party from fossil energy lobbyist wanting to enslave You. Here are the facts about true repbulican politic.

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On June 9th, I thought it's censorship, after my return from the Intersolar June 12th, I discovered, that it took only unusual long time to publish my contribution from June 8th.

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