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On June 9th, I thought it's censorship, after my return from the Intersolar June 12th, I discovered, that it took only unusual long time to publish my contribution from June 8th.

  My delayed published contribution to the discussion

US does not need oil. US has great companies making a change possible. Look at all this electronic devices. They are all produced in factories where much of the production equipment comes from the US company Applied Materials.

Applied Materials has a new business branch - photovoltaic factories. I was enthusiastic as I have seen them first time on the Inersolar fair 2008 in Munich.

This was just in the time of the big oil price increase, I have mad a study about it how to replace oil by electric power. I asked a manager of Applied Materials, look at this Can You? Yes, it's possible.

World has now 2 big problems: peak-oil and climate change.
US had 1941 also 2 big problems: Nazi-Germany and imperial Japan.

What did US December 7th 1941? Surrender? Wail? No! US decided to overcome both problems with an enourmouse effort. 1942, 1943, 1944 had been more than 37% BSP invested in the military to overcome the threat from Nazi-Germany and imerial Japan.

US did really great things 1941 to 1945. From an labor test to mass production of penicillin, the development of the atomic bomb.

With a similar effort, US could become independent from fossil energy, all what is necessyr is the will to change.

Freedom and independence is, when Your house can produce enough energy for all the household and the cars of the family and is eable to contribute to the energy necessary to produce all the things Your consume.

I designed 1991 the first inhabited solar powerplant called "GEMINI house" for freedom and independence of the individual.

BTW all the US oil production can be replaced by 2 kW photovoltaic per cititzen.

  Tea Party - the US Republican party is not Republican

Plea to all true republicans in the US. Clean up Your great old party from fossil energy lobbyist wanting to enslave You. Here are the facts about true repbulican politic.

My profile in Frum Forum
FrumForum, the call themselves the balls of the US republican party, but here You find the truth about this claim. But first we start with my profil created June 8th 2010.

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