Different regions are different developt. So every state should decide about level and type of resource taxation,

Worldwide the same level of CO2 tax would make worldwide at the same time old technic obsolet. This method is not compatible with economic development and available production capacity.

Regional different CO2 tax levels make it possible to bring a model region fast forward, to use technic in outher regions, which became obsolet there

Imagine German develops fast, 2025 with 300,-EUR per ton CO2. The number of new purchased cars increases from 3 million to 6 million electric cars per year. 6 million used cars are transferred per year in less developt regions, where it is usefull at 100,-EUR CO2 tax per ton to replace very old cars with ICE by modern cars with ICE.

  PEGE Manifesto

To lead civilization on planet Earth into a sustainable future. To organize the resources of planet Earth in such a way that the whole of mankind can have a good standard of living.

Tax system
Earth has limited resources. We must share these resources as fairly as possible. A tax system based on resource use.

Financing the social system
The whole social system, including child care, education, health, and old age benefits should be financed by taxes on resources.

Transition of the tax system Transition of the tax system
Less expenses for the employer, more purchasing power for the employee, Taxes and dues on human work replaced by taxes on resources.

Pathway towards 100%
Human right on future, human right on honesty, social problems will be solved by the change to 100% resource taxes.

Different applications
Tax tariffs on resouces can be different depending on usage. Government should have the possibility to stear precise the use of resources.

Political left right - fast slow
The antecedent political spectrum from left to right will be complemented by a new dimension. The speed to change the tax system towards 100% resouce taxes.

No difference professional or private
Privat or professional use of resouces is an irrelevant question. This takes out the basis for all methods to determine the wins. Taxation only for the usage of resources.

Early end taxation instead of VAT
Taxes should not stand as barriers between humans. Regardless how much, regardless what bureaucratic effort. The duty for bookkeeping

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