The regimen in the EU

Democracy is a great form of government, as long as there is at last one party to electable party. But on the ballot are only domesticated lapdogs of the regimen.

  Key experience Bundestag election 2009

August 3, 2009. Google alerts on "IEA." I click on Radio China International and read all the articles about the dramaic interviws with the chief economist of IEA Fatih Birol.

You can only understand the drama if you study the WEO 2006, one of the typical do not worry oil forecasts of the IEA. The situation must really be highly dramatic if the chief economist of the IEA agrees with the many critics of his organization, makes a complete U-turn.

  The wall of silence

Immediately after the publication of the dramatic interview with the chief economist of the IEA Fatih Birol I worked out a 10 point election program matching the oil forecast of the IEA. But PEGE stands before a wall of silence. Even if the green opposition strictly refuses to use such heavy campaign ammunition this can only mean one thing: Domesticated to the lapdog of the government. The election campaign is a ridiculous farce, where the population is led to believe in a multi-party system.

  Human rights in EU terribly violated

The majority of citizens is a victim from the heavy violations of human rights in the EU. We have to fight the regimen by pointing on the human rights questions.

Human right on future violated
Imagine a child is bitten by an animal infected with rabies and a politician refuses the lifesaving vaccination, because he does not believe what the doctor tells.

Human right to be honest violated
When tax laws force humans to lie, only to maintain the own existence, than the human right to be honest is violated.

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