Human right to be honest violated

When tax laws force humans to lie, only to maintain the own existence, than the human right to be honest is violated.

If you ask 100 people about tax honesty and one of them replies "I can't be honest about taxes", then it is a criminal problem.

If you ask 100 architects, builders and 100 answer "I can't be honest about taxes", then the ruling system has violated the human right to honesty.

  decomposition of society

Anyone who has chosen to live a life as a drug dealer expects a life of constant fear of being caught. But those who have decided to become architects should use their creativity to benefit society and be able to lead a decent life. But as soon as the architect realizes that with a fiscally honest offer no tender can be won, he is forced to be dishonest in order to maintain his existence. Instead of being able to concentrate fully on his profession, he must live in constant fear of being caught.

  PEGE tax transition concept

The PEGE tax transition concept does not only help the new industries renewable energy and electric mobility to build up quickly, to save mankind from the climate catastrophe, no, with it the human right to honesty is also restored.

  Human rights in EU terribly violated

The majority of citizens is a victim from the heavy violations of human rights in the EU. We have to fight the regimen by pointing on the human rights questions.

The regimen in the EU
Democracy is a great form of government, as long as there is at last one party to electable party. But on the ballot are only domesticated lapdogs of the regimen.

Human right on future violated
Imagine a child is bitten by an animal infected with rabies and a politician refuses the lifesaving vaccination, because he does not believe what the doctor tells.

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