Human right on future violated

Imagine a child is bitten by an animal infected with rabies and a politician refuses the lifesaving vaccination, because he does not believe what the doctor tells.

  death sentence by ignorance

Because of this excessive presumption of the politician to know more about rabies than the doctor, the child is condemned to die of rabies. I have spoken to several EU politicians. "What will happen to the EU if that oil forecast comes true?" Politicians: "I don't believe in it, the oil crisis comes much much later.

How can a politician presume to make a better oil forecast than the chief economist of the organization, which has been commissioned by the OECD countries with energy forecasts since 1973?

If the untreated child then dies an agonizing death from rabies, such a politician believes. "I have had a slight miscalculation in the situation". If the next oil crisis leads to a major depression, says one such politician. "I have had a slight miscalculation of the situation".

  human right to the future: model China

At the first World Conference of Emerging Industries and in the everyday life of the inhabitants of Changchun, I was able to convince myself of the enormous efforts of the Chinese government to ensure the human right to the future, the right to have everything done to ensure that our children and grandchildren are at least as well off as we are.

  Human rights in EU terribly violated

The majority of citizens is a victim from the heavy violations of human rights in the EU. We have to fight the regimen by pointing on the human rights questions.

The regimen in the EU
Democracy is a great form of government, as long as there is at last one party to electable party. But on the ballot are only domesticated lapdogs of the regimen.

Human right to be honest violated
When tax laws force humans to lie, only to maintain the own existence, than the human right to be honest is violated.

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