Premiere for the PEGE tax transition concept

It's a great honor to be here. It's the first time that I present the PEGE tax transition concept at an important conference.

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It's a symbol for the global development that this first time
happens in China to be presented in an elite audience -
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The panorama shows the aula in the Shangri-La Hotel during the speech of an other speaker.

  Government Invitation from China

I - Roland Mösl - founder of PEGE received July 3rd an invitation for ''The 1st WORLD EMERGING INDUSTRIES SUMMIT'' with an opportunity to speech.

Important new contacts in Shangri-La Hotel Important new contacts in Shangri-La Hotel
August 31th 2010 started the ''1st WORLD EMERGING INDUSTRIES SUMMIT''' with a banquet. An opportunity to discuss with other participants my speech tomorrow.

PEGE tax transition concept key note at The 1st WORLD EMERGING INDUSTRIES SUMMIT (2010) (Aug. 31- Sept. 3, 2010, Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun, China)

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