How could the CO2 statistic of China look like 2020

What happens to the CO2 statistic of China, when 20 million electric cars, 200 GW photovoltaic and 100 GW wind power and other environment technology is exported?

With today's production technology, this would be about 800 million tons CO2. Sure, the production technology will be improved in the next 10 years. But the theme is here, that the whole CO2 emission is counted at the producer and not at the consumer.

The electric car saves even much CO2 with electric power from a CCPP power plant. At 15 kWh/100 km, it's only 60 g CO2 at electric power from a CCPP. So it can be assumed that an electric car saves 200.000 km * (150g/km - 90g/km) = 18 tons..

At photovoltaic per kW peak 30 years * 1300 kWh * 700 g = 27 tons. At the wind power plant per installed kW 20 years * 1800 kWh * 700 g = 25 tons.

  How much the consumers save

20 million electric cars * 18 tons plus 200 million kW photovoltaic * 27 tons plus 100 million kW wind power * 25 tones gives about 8 billion tons CO2 savings. The production is with current production technology about 0,8 billion tons CO2

  Climate conference Cancun

Bei der letzten gescheiterten Klimakonferenz schrieben wir über die Grenzen des CO2 Handels. Diesmal ist die Kalkulation von CO2 Emission einzelner Länder dran.

USA 2002: CO2 emission from a car USA 2002: CO2 emission from a car
An US citizen purchases 2002 an US gasoline guzzler. During 10 years usage of thecar, the US CO2 bilance is debited with 68 tons CO2.

China 2012: CO2 emission from a car China 2012: CO2 emission from a car
The same US citizen changes 2012 to a chinese electric car. He mounts 3 kW photovoltaic to produce for his 20000 km per year 4000 kWh electric power.

Difference in the CO2 bilance Difference in the CO2 bilance
What happens with the CO2 bilance from USA and China, when an US citizen changes from an US gasolin guzzler to a chinese electric car and photovoltaic?

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