CO2 tax makes cab driver cheaper

The big energy intensive companies spread by mass media fear and scare about the CO2 tax. The truth, even cab driving becomes cheaper.

  Decrease taxes on work, increase costs for fossil energy

The tax system has to be changed. It's a disaster for humans and the environment. The same amount of taxes should be taken by shifting away from taxes on humans towards consumption of fossil energy.

  10 Cent per kg CO2 - 600.-EUR exempted amount at social insurance

Autumn 2008, PEGE proposed for the first 10 Cent per kg CO2 tax. A tax on atomic power of 7 cent per kWh. With the resulting 100 billion EUR in Germany, should be a exempted amout of 600.-EUR at the social insurance be financed. The social insurance is the most powerfill wappon to force companies to employ less people.

  At 1500 brutto a month yearly 3200.-EUR less social insurance

Consequence of 10 cent per kg CO2 tax at the fuel costs of different cabs with typical 60.000 km a year.

Vehicle Consumption 100km CO2 tax per unit More costs per year
6 zylinder automatic gasoline 12 litre 24 Cent 1728,--EUR
Diesel 8 litre 26 Cent 1152,--EUR
Toyota Prius 6 litre 24 Cent 864,--EUR
BYD F3 DM 16 kWh 7 Cent 672,--EUR

The savings at the social insurance should be distributed between company and worker. The cab driver has at the end of the year 1600.-EUR more salary received, the company takes the 1600.-EUR to compensate the higher energy expenses. As to see, this is possible at the most used Diesel cabs.

Modern drive systems can save significant

Politics - political targets of PEGE Politics - political targets of PEGE
Nonpolitical, pragmatic, on the other side of ideologies counts in our politic only one target: A long time lasting civilization able to develop further on a stable base.

Philosophy Philosophy
Long-term planning and stability have to be the guiding rules of politics. A philosophy based on the mathematic branch of games theory.

Living standard
What is living standard? How is living standard correctly measured? Is it possible, that our living standard declines drastic, while uncorrect numbers want to make us belive it's like paradise?

Taxes tax politics
The consequences of the tax politic for humans and environment. The politicians claim to fight for humans and the environment, but the tax politics shows the exact opposit.

Energy politic
Decades of wrong energy politic. Instead of more living standard with less energy usage, partial the contrary was reached. A result of the wrong tax politic.

  Tax system: saving at humans instead at energy

The historic development of our tax system. The problem of wasting in the change of time. Our tax system was created for a completely different situation.

Industrial revolution supported by government Industrial revolution supported by government
Taxes steer. The tax system should make the waste of human work impossible. Unproductive companies should not be able to pay workers any more.

Pigovian tax on humans
Only companies with the highest productivity should be able to effort humans. So the government legislated some pigovian taxes to avoid unrational human work places.

Manager wants domestic help
A modern manager talks with his chief. Because he is able to write fast on the computer, he would like to have a domestic help instead of a secretary.

Cab driver, fuel extreme cheap
The cab driver drives all the day a car, nevertheless are the expenses for fuel far less than the taxes for human work.

          CO2 tax makes cab driver cheaper: The big energy intensive companies spread by mass media fear and scare about the CO2 tax. The truth, even cab driving becomes cheaper.

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