Why do we need the golden West V2.0

Already 1979, it was obvious for some people in the GDR (German people republic), that the system will crash between 1990 and 2000. The system was as unable for reforms, that it was only able to succumb.

  Eastern block 1988: Dreaming from the goldenen West

For a broad majority in the former Eastern Block was it clear, golden West instead of communism. So it happened that the communism succumbed 1989 in the former Eastern Block. But already at the 15th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall PEGE warned that the system in the golden West is only some decades more durable than the former East block.

  First fossil recession

In the mean time is the world economy in the first fossil recession. The IEA warned February 28th from the second fossil recession more worth than the first. Head on collision between decreasing oil production and increasing demand when the next economic uprise happens. Oil pirce beyond $200 and a more worth economic crisis.

  IEA: radical energy change!

The IEA calls for a radical change in the energy politic, but since the IEA tells the truth about the critical situation at the oil supply, changed the IEA to a caller in the dessert.

  Eco bonus and anti fasistic protection wall

What does the government? Scrapping bonus to replace old fossil cars by new fossil cars produced by much energy.

Did I just write scraping bonus? No, there is a palliating label for this. In the GDR was the wall in Berlin called "anti fasistic protection wall". So government does not call it scrapping bonus, they call it "eco bonus".

  Golden west V2.0

Today governments are as unable for a reform as the governments of the past Eastern block in the years before the change. A draft for the time after.

Chance for the time after the breakdown
A big number of problems in the world can be traced back to a fundamental wrong tax system. When this system succumbs is it a big chance.

Economic science is unscientifically
Central part of the economic science is the belive in eternal growth. This belive is incompatibly with science.

Market saturation
Less humans are needed for the production. The world production for cell phones is 1.2 billion is enough for 6 billion humans needing every 5 years a new cell phone.

Professionally and private
The division in professional and private expenses created excrescences. In a causal chain low birth rate, immigration and right radicals.

The end of the CO2 tax
The CO2 tax is not once installed, but before the installation, there have to be thoughts about the drastic down turn of the CO2 tax.

After the CO2 tax
When with increasing CO2 tax more and more of social expenses are covered, it's necessary to think about decreasing income of the CO2 tax.

Decreasing CO2 tax Decreasing CO2 tax
Social security insurance financed by the CO2 tax, but what to do, after the CO2 tax can only tax the gasolin for an oldtimer event?

Tax declaration
The old tax system is complicate and it's possible to manipulate. In the new system, most humans have only to declare the ground usage.

Postscript: "(USA excluded)" removed Dezember 19th 2009

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