Correction of a fundamental political failure

We have no time machine to talk with German prime minister Bismarck about funding the social insurance by a tax on coal.

  How different would be our world?

This would be a very interesting theme for many dissertations, political and economic simulations. But because we can not change the past, this would be only an analysis how much worse, we live today compared to what would have been possible.

  Step by step correction of the failure

For decades, increasing life expectancy caused increasing payment to the social insurance, increased the pressure on companies to decrease the number of employees, to transfer workplaces in cheap countries, even to have less children, to solve this problem by immigration.

In the other world, the increasing life expectancy would have increased for decades the taxes on energy. The pressure to save energy and to produce energy from renewable sources would have been systematical increased.

The two worlds are so far away from each other, that the failure can not be corrected in one step. The correction is only possible in many small steps. The first small step is the 100 billion EUR economic program and tax reform for Germany.

Carbon dioxide CO2 tax
Extent and possbile tax rates, tax revenues and.expected end of the CO2 tax.

  Historic error

How a wrong political decision from 1883 brings the civilization on planet earth near the abysm. From the climate change over crude oil crisis to the unemployment problem.

Financing social insurance
The German Prime minister Bismarck created 1883 the social insurance. For funding, there had been several different models. Chosen had been funding by work.

Travel through time to save mankind
What intervention by a travel through time in the past would have the greatest positive effect on the presence and the further development until 2050?

Life span increases
Since the introduction of the social insurance 1883 means this, that the contribution increases, human work becomes less affordable, disadvantage for more energy efficiency.

Step 1 to 2 of the tax reform
More purchasing power, less working costs for the employer financed by a CO2 tax, atomic power tax, ground usage tax. The first 2 steps for a complete reconstruction of the tax system.

Steps in the tax reform 1 to 2
Per step of tax reform are in the case example Germany 100 billion EUR redistributed. More purchase power, disburden work, eliminate the use of fossil energy.

Cabs company cheers about CO2 tax
Case example with a cabs company about theüber die outcome of the first 2 steps of the tax reform. Analysis of working and energy costs.

Photovoltaic vs electric power from coal
What is more expensive? Electric power from photovoltaic or coal? How depending this question is from the tax system are the first 2 steps of the tax reform showing.

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