List of publications about IEA prognosis August 2009

The political parties are hiding it, betray the voters for their economic future. Here a list of publications about the disastrous oil prognosis of the IEA August 2009.

  List of publications

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  This list was focused on German publications

At this time was the election campaign for the German parliament. So this list was focused on German publications.

Fatik Birol Chief Economist of IEA
The IEA is the supreme authority for energy prognoses in the OECD countries, but supreme uncovering uncomfortable truth, somebody becomes fast a caller in the desert.

Crude oil politics and the urgent exit from crude oil
How many times has the cycle oil price explosion recession to take place, until politics and economy realize, that a stable economy is only possible with renewable energy.

  Germany: German election campaign 2009

Election campaign? No! Only a cramp. No one of the parties below the head of the WEP - Wirtschaftswachstumseinheitspartei untergeordnete Parteien wagt es nötige Änderungen auch nur zu erwähnen.

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