2008 The begin of the end of the oil age

Many indicators show a clear result: In the history books will be the year 2008 chained to the begin of the end of the oil age.

  Oil price explosion by peak oil

The first half year was in the sign of an extreme fast increasing oil price. According to the theory, 1 million barrel per day to less production can be compensated by $20 higher price. Compared to the price middle 2007, July 2008 had been 4 million barrel not enough production.

  Fossil recession

The high oil price destabilized the economic system. Crisis for crisis in the recession. Near the end of the year is the oil price decreased $110. According to the theory, this means 5,5 million barrel per day less demand. In summer, there was a message, that alone the sea ships need 7,3 million barrel a day. Drastic less rates for raw materials. Saving measures like less speed could all together reduce alone at sea ships the demand by 3 million barrel a day. Long production interruptions in chemical factories, much less assignments for truck transportation.

In all the messages about the recession are all together easy more than 5,5 million barrel less demand.

  No perspective for oil producers

The earlier imaginations about peak oil had been wrong. The economy is much to labil for long time continues raising prices. We experienced the real peak oil scenario 2008: Oil price explosion, recession, breakdown of oil demand and oil price. This will repeat in a rhythm of 2 to 3 years. Repeat until we invest huge in the fast change to renewable energy.

Who should at recession and bank crisis at $40 oil price invest in a new oidl field only profitable at $90 oil price? The decline of oil production will be in this way much faster than predicted.

Crude oil politics and the urgent exit from crude oil
How many times has the cycle oil price explosion recession to take place, until politics and economy realize, that a stable economy is only possible with renewable energy.

  2008 The bungle of politics by inaction

The oil price increased January in a very short time to $100. The inaction of the politicians is saddening, because it's goes about our standard of living.

Fossil energy means recession
The decrease of the oil price in the last days proofs: fossil energy means recession. A growth of the world economy is only with renewable energy possible.

Civilization and the ability to store
The ability to store valuable products to balance times of overabundance and times of under-supply is a basic of civilization.

Banking crisis
The production facilities are all intact, only the finance system is groggy. This is a big chance for the politic to do with the production something reasonable.

Oil production becomes a roulette game
The extrem fast declining oil price damages the oil industry much more, than $180 oil price. Investments in costly explorations became extrem risky.

Stock market crisis
There are political streams believing that the stock market will solve all problems of mankind. But how can a stable full of disturbed chickens cause something positive?

Oil price and economic growth
Do we want recession? The dedicing question is not how high the oil price is in a recession, but at 2% economic growth.

Ostrich policy
The oil price jumps in a few month from $70 to $100, the Energy Watch Group dates peak oil to 2006 and our irresponsible politicians put the head in the sand.

CO2 tax determination
2 complete different ideas for the determination of a CO2 tax, replacement of social security costs and the costs to for the removal of CO2 in the atmosphere have the same range.

Dreadful doing nothing
The IEA shows in a complete sharp turn of previous prognoses a catastrophe szenario, the oil price is already beyond §122 and the politicians play clerk Mikado.

G8 want to reduce CO2 emission by 50% until 2050
In Kobe, the environment ministers of the G8 agreed to lower the carbon dioxide emissions until 2050 to the half. A very unrealistic target.

The quarrel about the imperator's beard
France and Germany support the target of the EU commission to reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide until 2012 to 120 g CO2/km at cars.

Subventions against increasing oil price
Subventions to decrease the demand for crude oil can be highly profitable for the industrial countries by damping the increase of the oil price.

High oil price pays the exit from crude oil
When 1 million barrel a day less demand reduces the oil price by $20, this can be used as the base for a rentability caclulation for the exit from oil.

Oil conference: oil price reaches $140
What would You think, when a junkie promisses his mother to get away from the oildope and 5 minutes later, he whines pitifully at a dealer?

ECB prime rate increase counter productively
The inflation is caused nearly only by the high oil price. The escape from oil needs investitions in new technology, aggravated by the higher prime rate.

When will be electric power from natural gas twice as expensive as solar
Solar electric power is cheaper than Diesel, but look on the streets, what is driving there? It can be only called a complete failure of politics and economy.

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