The collision of the Titanic

1912-4-14, [23:40] The logic consequence: Confrontation with an iceberg The two officers detect an iceberg ahead, much too late.

It is a "blue" or "black" iceberg which has turnd around himself already. Therefore his surface is not white but is as smooth as glass and glassy blue and almost invisable in the darkness. The bridge has 30 seconds time yet to veer. The commanding officer decides to drive back so the rudder is overloaded and blocking. So the Titanic is also disabled: The rudder is defect. When he had cut a sharp corner this perhaps had not happened.

[Speculations if there is a guilt within the breaking maneuver are absolutely not relevant because the main faults are within the priorities: During the whole trip safety was neglected, darwinism was celebrated, and there was a run for a new speed record, so this is also darwinism].

The Titanic is driving against the iceberg at the top and is caved in on one third of the whole length. The blanks are springing off and the water is breaking it's way into the lowest parts of the ship (bulkheads) on one third of the length.
The sinking of the Titanic commented by Michael Palomino.
The Compare to our current situation by Roland Mösl.

  Peak Oil without any preparation

I was myself January 2007 at an event about peak oil. Wile a few people had been concerned, politicians and economic leaders thought to waste more oil.

Energy politic
Decades of wrong energy politic. Instead of more living standard with less energy usage, partial the contrary was reached. A result of the wrong tax politic.

Critics on energy politic
The energy politic in the western industrial countries matches in stubbornness and incorrigibleness the politics in the east block from 1980 to 1989. A politics of demise.

  The sinking of Titanic - peak oil and climate disaster

A study of the sinking of the Titanic shows staggering parallelism with our current situation with peak oil and climate change.

Titanic: speed is important
Factor: Sister ship ''Olympic'' and maiden voyage record The Titanic shall cross the Atlantic faster than the sister ship ''Olympic'' one year before.

Titanic disaster: Ignore warnings
Factor: Private telegrams - overloaded radio operators - the officers are laughing at the ice warnings of other ships

Titanic: Factor: Full speed despite the ice-field
Despite of all warnings the speed of the Titanic is not reduced. Thereby the Titanic is amidst the ice-field already and the officers know about it.

Last warning to the Titanic
Factor: Also the last ice warning from the ship ''California'' is not passed to the bridge - the captain goes sleeping...

Titanic full ahead in dark night
Factor: Missing binoculars - dark night - and full speed ahead yet. On the bridge of the Titanic two officers are looking for icebergs, without binoculars, because they do not know where they are.

Damage report of the Titanic
Factor investigation: One whole hour is needed to have the whole damage reported

The sinking of the Titanic commented by Michael Palomino.
The Compare to our current situation by Roland Mösl.
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