Main task credits

Credit quarantees and interest support will be the main task of the organization for oil exit. The interest support will be a main part of the budget.

  Development aid, CO2 avoidance and oil exit in one

300 litre gasoline per scooter, 6000 litre in 20 years avoided, maybe additional half of this for avoidance of electric power production by gasoline generators or oil fired power plants. This are at the price base 20.-EUR per ton CO2 about 423.-EUR for the certificate trade per freedom pack.

  There is much behind a freedom pack

It is not only the credit for the end consumer to be financed. Whole new industries have to be built up. Fabrics for photovoltaic and lithium batteries. Built up of the lithium world production, infrastructure.

It's the financing of a new industrial revolution, which the organization of oil exit deals with.

Less gasoline consume (mobility and electric power production)
Less crude oil per litre gasoline
Freedom packs sold per year
Barrel crude oil per day leas by one yearly production
GW Photovoltaic yearly production required
Tons lithium for the batteries per year
Crude oil politics and the urgent exit from crude oil
How many times has the cycle oil price explosion recession to take place, until politics and economy realize, that a stable economy is only possible with renewable energy.

  Oil exit

Take demand pressure out of the oil market, slow down the increase of the oil price, more is at -4% less oil production per year short-term not possible. Change to a world without crude oil.

Financing the oil exit
In the agriculture are subventions for no production usual to stop price decay by over producion. Exactly the opposit is necessary is for the to small offer of the oil market.

Being poor is expensive
Because of lack of trust from the bank, a poor can not finance profitable improvements and has to spent excessively money for obsolete technology.

Shipping without crude oil
Just right now, shipping uses 7,29 Million barrel a day. Depending on size and required range, 0 oil consumption will be achieved by hydrogen, methanol or lithium batteries.

Negligence in oil exit: 2 times BAWAG harm per day
We will have a legal proceeding with a unbelievable high amount of harm. Just right now, the BAWAG case about speculation upset Austria, but this had been peanuts.

Omission resulting in death Omission resulting in death
The omission to follow the IEA study about measures against a fast increasing oil price can be fast much more than only an economic damage.

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