Smart cars instead of smart bombs

Alternative US military budget: 100 billion US$ yearly furtherance for the market introduction of plug-In hybrid cars. Dreadful repercussions on the oil price are wanted.

It is not possible to amortise the new battery technology at the current low fuel costs fast enough. A furtherance for plug-In hybrid cars.

Year Furtherance Cars Minimum range by electric power
2008 $10.000 10.000.000 50 km
2009 $8.000 12.500.000 60 km
2010 $8.000 12.500.000 60 km
2011 $5.000 20.000.000 80 km
2012 $5.000 20.000.000 80 km
2013 $5.000 20.000.000 100 km
2014 $4.000 25.000.000 100 km
2015 $4.000 25.000.000 100 km
2016 $4.000 25.000.000 100 km
2017 $4.000 25.000.000 100 km

Target until 2018, US cars drive 80% by electric power, the remaining 20% with biomass. No drip crude oil for the usage of cars. 9 million barrel crude oil per day less.

Side effect, the US car industry becomes by this operation again the leading in the world and exports plug-in hybrid cars all over the world.

  US military budget US$622 billion

An alternative military budget for the next 10 years and the results for the US economy, world peace and above all the world climate.

Plus energy houses for the independence
Alternative US military budget; $150 billion per year for the plus energy house program. A house depending on oil imports will be branded as unamerican.

Operation Freedom
Alternative US military budget. Freedom in mobility, independence fromi crude oil for all development countries. The simple freedom package; 600 Watt peak photovoltaic,

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