Plus energy houses for the independence

Alternative US military budget; $150 billion per year for the plus energy house program. A house depending on oil imports will be branded as unamerican.

Depending on climate zone and capability, plus energy houses receive a special furtherance. It can not go on, that in Florida, a house needs 30,000 kWh electric power per year. Good thermal insulation, large area cooling by wall and ceiling and a photovoltaic roof should lead to a situation where a house in Florida delivers 10,000 kWh electric power to the grid.

In the first year is the average furtherance $150.000. With this budget, 1 million houses can be changed from energy wasters to energy producers. The industry will learn quickly and the average furtherance can be reduced in 10 years to $50.000 to give furtherance for 3 million plus energy houses.

  20 million plus energy houses

The old torn off houses used in average energy in the value of 5000 litre crude oil per year. The new plus energy houses produce after substracting the own usage of energy in the value of 3000 litre crude oil per year. 8000 litre difference times 20 million makes 160 billion litre crude oil per year. 2,76 million barrel crude oil per day.

  US military budget US$622 billion

An alternative military budget for the next 10 years and the results for the US economy, world peace and above all the world climate.

Smart cars instead of smart bombs
Alternative US military budget: 100 billion US$ yearly furtherance for the market introduction of plug-In hybrid cars. Dreadful repercussions on the oil price are wanted.

Operation Freedom
Alternative US military budget. Freedom in mobility, independence fromi crude oil for all development countries. The simple freedom package; 600 Watt peak photovoltaic,

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