Cosmic threat for mankind: meteorites

According to game theory, the task of intelligent life is to protect the home planet from catastrophes. Let's look at the ethics related to this.

Ethics as the science of survival: But to make the right decision here, we first have to find out what the threats to survival are.

  The threat of food scarcity

One of the first threats was food scarcity. This led to the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. To be aware of the threat presented by meteorites from space, the science of astonomy first had to be developed, as did telescopes, and also geology in order to understand the significance of traces of pervious catastrophes.

How should a simple hunter or gatherer have known that a piece of the sky could fall onto his head? His most immediate problem was to increase his chances of not starving. Only a great deal of progress in civilization made it possible to identify other potential dangers. This leads to the first central concept of ethics:

  Central concept: Knowledge is a prerequisite for ethics

Morals as the experience of which behaviour is conducive to survival. Ethics as the logics of survival, as knowing what is conducive to survival. Without knowledge there can be no ethics.

Philosophy Philosophy
Long-term planning and stability have to be the guiding rules of politics. A philosophy based on the mathematic branch of games theory.

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