Philosophies and their impact

We know about the religious wars of the past, but we are not aware of the most significant holy war of the present day. Achievement society vs. stability.

  The modern day holy war

For decades we have been living in a society that vehemently opposes the remedies to all its problems. Discussions about renewable energy and electromobility inevitably turn into a kind of holy war.

The suggestions developed in the book Advance to the Solar Age are an entirely logical solution for the good of mankind.

PEGE tax transition concept and PEGE Manifesto are entirely logical solutions for the good of mankind.

  Logic was not able to assert itself against questions of faith

PEGE 1991 to 2010 is logic. The logic of leading mankind into the solar age is opposed by a belief that is just as harmful as when members of a sect prevent a seriously injured person from having a life-saving blood transfusion.

  The foundations of our society are analysed

You must fully understand the next pages in order to grasp the scale of the disaster our society is embroiled in. The belief in the achievement society shapes our lives much more strongly than Iran is shaped by the Islamic faith.

Destructive Cult
Aberrations of mankind caused incredible destruction caused by wrong ideas. The total madness of Nazi racial doctrine, Pol Pot, the''economics''.

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