Easy-earned money - hard-earned money

Most of the costs for transportation and building heat have to be paid with the hardest-earned money: imports can only be paid through foreign exchange assets from exports.

We must increase our exports! is the battle cry of the economic policy-makers. Why? Increasingly expensive energy imports have to be paid for with more exports. Economic scientists failed to developed a scale rating the difficulty with which money was earned. This omission means that in many fields, especially transportation and building heat, we are dependent on imported energy because people were persuaded this was the cheapest option. Wrong profitability calculations leading to the debt crisis, to economic breakdown.

When the oil price rose from US$ 30 to US$ 100, every single US citizen had to export US$1120 more per year to keep the trade balance stable, as every US citizen imports an average of 7 litres of crude oil per day. But of course, many exports consist of imported pre-products. A product is exported for around US$1000, but it includes imported components worth US$500.
Destructive Cult
Aberrations of mankind caused incredible destruction caused by wrong ideas. The total madness of Nazi racial doctrine, Pol Pot, the''economics''.

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