IEA prognosis wrong, pressure from the USA

This message from November 10th is the big hammer. Look at the news with all the unimportant garbage, showing You, that You are good informed.

  The message

Guardian: Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower
Exclusive: Watchdog's estimates of reserves inflated says top official

  The comment

The Titanic very fast leaderless in the ice sea. More is not to tell about this crowd of unresponsible unable politicians. They think best to keep mum about the problem.

Just right now, we celebrated 20 years fall of the wall in Berlin. The demise of a system also keeping mum about all the problems.

Out of this reason, PEGE started to design in March "Golden West V2.0".

Crude oil politics and the urgent exit from crude oil
How many times has the cycle oil price explosion recession to take place, until politics and economy realize, that a stable economy is only possible with renewable energy.

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