The end of the CO2 tax

The CO2 tax is not once installed, but before the installation, there have to be thoughts about the drastic down turn of the CO2 tax.

  Height of the CO2 tax

The Klimasanierungskostenclimate renovation costs awaiting us are so extreme high - Okay, did You ever here the term "climate renovation costs", never? It's something like to explain a 5 year old boy, just creating a conflagration by playing with matches, that he has just caused 5 million EUR damage.

So again, the climate renovation costs are so extreme high, that the CO2 tax could replace all other taxes and the payments for social security.

This would cause an extreme overheated change to renewable energy. Maybe it would be better to make small steps at the CO2 tax. For example 10 Cent per kg as the first step. This 10 Cent would be in Germany 90 billion EUR tax.

  End target: cost neutral CO2 tax

Regardless what is the first CO2 tax at the start, the final target has to be a tax equal to the caused damage. According to todays knowledge, this will be between 1 and 2 EUR per kg. This makes it clear from the start away: A CO2 tax on emssions from burning fossil fuel is a terminating tax.

At no application are the cost to avoid CO2 higher than the final CO2 tax. To tax gasoline for an oldtimer show is now big income for the government. As high as the revenues from the CO2 tax will be at the begining, after some decades, the tax will be down to complete unimportance.

Carbon dioxide CO2 tax
Extent and possbile tax rates, tax revenues and.expected end of the CO2 tax.

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