After the CO2 tax

When with increasing CO2 tax more and more of social expenses are covered, it's necessary to think about decreasing income of the CO2 tax.

The first example for the introduction of a CO2 tax had been 10 Cent per kg finance 600.-EUR exempted amount at the social security insurance. At the current emissions are 10 Cent per kg in Germany 90 billion EUR.

But it's not possible to stop there. Next step 20 Cent per kg, but it would be absurd, the tax revenues would be 180 billion to distribute new. The emissions will decrease. When the system "Golden west V2.0" is introduced, it should be 25 Cent per kg and estimated 175 billion EUR in Germany.

  Decades later 1.-EUR per kg, but drastic reduced revenues

Step by step is the tax system changed, the tariffs for the CO2 tax increased, but the revenes will start to decline. This has to be clear from the start away, the CO2 tax is an oddment, exactly as our civilization depending on fossil energy is an oddment.

  Financing the new system

  • Human work is not taxed, noMenschliche Arbeit wird nicht besteuert, no caclulation for wins
  • Unconditional basic supply for each human
  • Only usage and consumption of ressources is taxes
  • For the usage of certain ressources has each human an exempted amount
Politicians, sozial scientists, economic scientitsts of all countries, start with the definition of the ressources to tax, to determine where an exempted amount per human is usefull. We want to make here the big throw, the fundaments for our civilization for the next some billion years.
Carbon dioxide CO2 tax
Extent and possbile tax rates, tax revenues and.expected end of the CO2 tax.

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